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Finance & Insurance

120+ lender/broker integrations for HP, PCP, PCH & personal loans. No more re-keying data onto multiple lender systems, now you can use one simple system to propose to all of your lenders.

  • Two-way lender communications

    See when lenders accept, decline or request more information after sending proposals. Get detailed breakdowns.

  • Constant feature checking

    Working closely with lenders to keep up to date with their latest integration features as soon as they are available.

  • E-sign lender documents

    Handle and quickly complete the customer journey by using the lenders e-sign technology.

  • Advanced filtering

    Increase your lender efficiencies by using a myriad of filtering options (credit profile, demographics, rates & ranges).

  • Products & accessories

    Manage insurance, warranties, GAP, accessories all under one system.

  • Future values (RV/GFV)

    When dealing with PCP, receive accurate quotes by using lender RVs.

Credit Searching

Ability to filter credit searches based on lender rules.

  • Credit searches

    Ability to filter on any of the customer's credit file characteristics using Equifax.

  • Broker credit searches

    Subject to permissions, ability to full credit profile within the platform.

  • Dealer credit searches

    Ability to filter on any of the customer credit file characteristics.


Manage your enquiries and staff efficiently using one system and benefit from the rich features you would expect from a leading automotive platform.

  • Auditing

    A chronological feed of all combined activity related to a customer.

  • Single customer view

    View a customers historical applications and dealings all linked within a single area.

  • Lead categorisation

    All leads are different, which is why you can categorise them accurately to suit your business.

  • Appointments

    Create, book, re-schedule send confirmation/reminders of appointments.

  • Postcode lookups

    Quickly capture and validate addresses.

  • Email & mobile validation

    Increase your contact rates by validating email addresses and mobile numbers.

  • Contact management

    Centralised location for all business contacts featuring audits, dealings and direct calling.

  • E-sign

    Option to convert existing offline order forms to modern e-sign equivalents helping with compliance.


2 way SMS, email and call centre (with call recording) all built in, enabling an efficient full sales cycle of a consumer under one platform.

  • Inbound & outbound email

    Send and receive emails messages from the customer view.

  • Inbound & outbound SMS

    Send and receive SMS messages from the customer view.

  • Call centre functionality

    Make, receive, hold and transfer calls. Welcome and queue messages, plus ringtones are all customisable.

  • Voicemail

    Never miss a call if your agents are busy or not available. Out-of-office hours are also automatically covered.

  • Call Routing

    Use your existing business numbers. Redirect calls to other numbers.

Enquiry management

Define workflows that best suit your business and maximise each step of your pipeline potential.

  • Task based workflows

    Start working more efficiently by working from automated tasks, defined by your business goals and workings.

  • Application pipelines

    Reflect your sales process and create tailor-made journeys for your enquiries and teams.


Create automated, compliant and bespoke workflows that help determine how staff work and manage enquiries. Set up rules to trigger commands that will perform specific actions when a certain condition is met.

  • Automate every manual action

    Vastly improve your time efficiencies by replacing manual tasks and processes with custom automation.

  • 24/7 out-of-hours lead management

    Our system never sleeps. Use automation to handle new and existing enquiries outside of office hours.

  • Custom rules & triggers

    Everyone handles enquiries differently. Define your business rules and create custom triggers to define tasks.

  • External actions

    Integrate your system with Facebook, Google, Mailchimp and many more!


Complete reporting suite and report builder empowering management to make informed and revenue-generating decisions.

  • Built-in reports

    Utilise our reporting area with built in reports to help you gain an understanding straight away.

  • Advanced report builder

    Build advanced, detailed and multi-layered reports.

  • User & agent reporting

    Empowering management through detailed live reporting to make positive business impact.

Lead generation

Improve ROI, increase engagement and integrate quickly with our plug-and-play style website solutions.

  • Application form

    A high converting, customisable, user-friendly application form which can help increase ROI.

  • Calculator

    Get real time calculations and guide your customers with accurate payment examples.

  • Eligibility check

    Turn credit checks into enquiries.

3rd party integrations

Benefit from a range of 3rd party integrations all under one roof.

  • Vehicle lookups

    Search for vehicles and append them to proposals with the exact information.

  • Retail value lookup

    Option to use the CAP retail value to suppress lender sends out of LTV ranges.

  • Bank validation

    Quickly validate your customers reported banking details to help reduce fraud/claw backs.

  • HPI checks

    Perform your vehicle finance checks instantly and assign certificates to enquiries.

Platform support

Have confidence knowing that we are here for you at every step, 24 hours a day. We also provide tailored management plans that meet your business needs.

  • 24/7 support

    Should anything arise, we're always on hand to offer technical support through email, phone or chat.

  • Account management plans

    Start working efficiently straight away with our custom management and automation plans tailored to your business.

  • Email templates

    Create professional and visually appealing emails.

  • System knowledge base

    Learn how to use existing and new features with our frequently updated user guides.